Measure what matters.

Get the insights you need to build a happier, more productive workplace.

Real-time analytics

We ask everyone a simple question every day - "How happy were you at work today?" and after a one-click response, you can see exactly how your organization is doing in real-time. Spot problems before they become serious and instantly see how teams compare.

In depth understanding

Moodmap also includes a version of our internationally benchmarked Happiness at Work Survey as a monthly tracking tool. Find out how you compare on the 10 key components of employee happiness.

Idea generation

Your employees already have a good sense of what would make them happier and more productive. Our platform allows your team's ideas to be collected, voted on, discussed and put into action.

Find out more

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Built by the happiness experts

Moodmap is brought to you by Happiness Works, an internationally recognised provider of science-based, happiness analytics.

Founded by Nic Marks, a leading figure in research on wellbeing, our insights are based on robust science and the latest understanding of happiness in the workplace. We’ve been measuring happiness for 13 years and have clients, champions and fans across the world.